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Help our Veterans - Donate

Anthony Medrano, USMC, Ret.

What do you do to help a family recover from the worst tragedy a man and his family can endure?

Whatever you can.

As you know, American Culture Council, Inc., is a nonprofit partner of The Home Depot Stores. Together, we refurbish homes for Veterans, free to the Veteran homeowner.

At present we only have some sketchy information about Veteran Anthony Medrano.

We know Anthony is a Wounded Warrior, who proudly served his nation in the volatile and deadly Middle East. We know he's married, a father, and a homeowner. 

We know he has a backyard pool that he wants to have removed, and have a new yard installed.

We know his family has suffered a horrible tragedy, as if dealing with Anthony's war injuries were not enough for any family to endure.

But, this Veteran and his wife lost one of their children; the child's life claimed by the pool in the backyard.

We know Anthony can't afford to move and staying is more painful than they can deal with. So he's decided he wants the pool removed from his property and a new yard installed.  Anthony contacted us through this website, and we knew we wanted to be a part of helping this family.

And now you know. 

We're very grateful that Anthony Medrano contacted us, and asked us for help.

We're doing to do all we can to try to help this family create a life for their children and each other. You can be a big part of this family's future.


When The Home Depot Stores heard abou this project, they immediately committed to installing a new backyard for the Medrano family, once the pool and its plumbing are removed.


Our task now is to raise the money to get the pool demolished, so the new yard can be installed.

Here's where you can help:
1 - Go to our
 Red DONATE button, and donate to the Veteran Anthony Medrano project. You'll receive a tax-exempt letter for your donation.


2 - Text 50155 and put in this message:
helprvets50 or helprvets100 or helprvets250 

and hit the "Send" button.

The number after helprvets is the amount of your donation.

You'll get to a form where you can put in your credit card information and the amount of your donation.

It's that simple. Anyone with a phone can donate to this worthy project.
If you want a tax-exempt letter for your text donation, contact me through this website at this link and you'll receive your tax-exempt letter from American Culture Council, Inc.

Here's the link:         Contact Us
In the meantime, check out some 'Before' pictures at this link:Before, During, and After pictures will be on this site as soon as we get started.
When will that be.......? When your donations reach our Need amount.

In the meantime, here are some 'Before' pictures at this link:

Our goal is to raise $7,000 to complete this project.
Please donate your best for Veteran Anthony Medrano and his family.
We want to create a beautiful back yard with play areas for the children, 
and outdoor living and recreation areas for the adults.


And in the Medrano baby's memory, we want to install a fountain surrounded by beautiful shrubbery and flowers, complete with a bench for contemplation.

If you want to be part of this project, please contact us through our contact page.

On behalf of USMC Veteran Anthony Medrano and his family, thank you.

Whatever you can.



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