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President and Chief Entertainment Officer

Donna Woodrum

1804 Garnet Ave. #492
San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: 858 366-2574



Donna is married 40 years to John "Woody" Woodrum. They raised 3 children and 2 foster children. They enjoy their 7 grandchildren, and their 2 great-grandsons!
    After obtaining her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, Encino, CA campus in 1994, Donna started her own private practice. A few of her clients suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), leading Donna to study the field of EEG Biofeedback. She was so intrigued and impressed with the success of this alternative treatment that she volunteered her time to work for the Founders of the EEG Biofeedback clinic in her community.
    In this setting, she met many Military Veterans, who underwent successful treatment for PTSD. For most Veteran patients, even without one word of therapy, they seemed to recover from their disorder. Apparently, PTSD has some component of a disregulated EEG. For some patients, most or all of their symptoms ended with a few weeks of treatment. Donna continues to volunteer her time and resources to help Veterans. Legacy Builders is a natural outgrowth from Donna's experiences with Veterans at this clinic.
    Woody, a corporate Director in charge of Quality at a large manufacturing firm, now located in Mexico, moved their family back to San Diego, where they could be closer to Donna's Dad, and their friends.
    When Donna's father, a retired US Naval Lt. Commander, passed away a few years ago, Donna decided that the best thing she could do with the tiny estate her father left her was to form a charity and to give back to the community in thanks for the good life in a wonderful country that she enjoys.
    To honor her father and mother (also deceased), who taught her to love and revere our nation, our Founders, and our Founding Documents, Donna decided that she would create the American Culture Council, Inc.
    Donna dedicated the work of American Culture Council to educating American residents about our history.
    Because America was the first nation that was founded by Christians, Donna was aware of the history of our foundation. From her parents and the American public schools she attended, Donna learned of the back-breaking work, the pain and toil, the hardships and sacrifices of our Founders, and subsequent generations of pioneers, trail-blazers, inventors, and ordinary people that make up America. 
    She determined that she would continue that education process, only instead of a classroom, she decided to educate attendees with events and presentations. Through actual events that demonstrate the qualities and the rights our Founders wrote into our Basic Documents, Donna has put on Election Forums, Political Conventions, conducted Get-Out-The-Vote efforts, and supported Woody when he ran for political office on several occasions.
    "What's more American than our right to peaceably assemble with others; to vote our conscience; and to actively campaign to elect our future leaders? And what's more American than to help our neighbors in their time of stress and need?"
    With those questions guiding her, Donna created the American Culture Council, a 501c3 California nonprofit organization.
    Thousands of people have enjoyed her presentations, and now in 2015, she continues her parents' legacy of patriotism and admiration for those who have honorably defended our Constitution by wearing the uniform of our Armed Forces.
    Donna's latest endeavor is a partnership with The Home Depot and their joint events entitled, "Celebration of Service".
    Information about this project is on this website. Feel free to explore, and maybe to donate a small amount of money, or even volunteer a few hours of your time to helping a Veteran in need.
    Thank you for visiting the website of American Culture Council, Inc.


Dran Reese, Secretary
American Culture Council, Inc.







During 1990, Dran took a year off to have her first child. While recovering and caring for her newborn, she spent some time trying to come up with an idea for a product that would protect collectibles and other household possessions from breakage due to earthquakes and other accidents.
    Actually, it was rowdy children that gave her the impetus to try and find something to fasten down fragile objects. Visiting children ran through her home and knocked over and destroyed her prized collection of imported Swarovski crystal animals. 
    Dran tried caulking, silly putty, even denture adhesive, but nothing worked. She finally found a putty-like substance and took it to a chemist to have it developed into a product that was stickier and nonstaining.
    The result was QuakeHOLD!, a soft, white putty that is non-toxic, will not dry out, freeze or melt and is easily applied and removed. Best of all, it holds any item up to 40 pounds, and the object won't budge unless it's twisted to break the vacuum seal.
Dran Reese is a woman inventor, and her first product she invented is called "QuakeHOLD!"
    In 1996, the company she had started four years earlier began to manufacture and distribute safety fasteners and related products to safeguard items in the home and office throughout the U.S. and Japan. She was trying to bridge the gap for people who say they plan to prepare for earthquakes, but actually do very little about it.
     Dran, and her company, Ready America!, are the pre-eminent experts for disaster preparedness.
Prior to founding her company, Ready America, Dran was an independent fashion consultant and model in Los Angeles for some of the most prestigious
designers and garment manufacturers including Sassoon, Carole Little, Rumors and Jag.
     In addition to working with her company, Ready America!, Dran serves on several boards of charities, and is a well-known philanthropist, noted for her generosity for projects for the benefit of America's Military Veterans. Dran intends to be a very hands-on Board Member for American Culture Council's Project Legacy Builders, which partners with The Home Depot and their project, "Celebration of Service".
    Dran and her husband of 30 years now have 2 children, both graduated from college.
    They recently became proud grand-parents. 

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